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Sam or Missmachineart is an eclectic d̶e̶s̶i̶g̶n̶e̶r̶ artist from Miami, Fl now based out of Littleton, MA, that is always working worldwide. Throughout her career Samantha has had the opportunity to work with many influential people and on prominent projects such as Design is Change, the Humane Society, HBO, Ruined Idols,, Puma, and the Bear and Bird Gallery to name a few

She is dedicated to her craft; always looking forward to the next challenge and striving for perfection. As an art instructor and ASB for a sub-separate classroom, Sam is described by her students and fellow artists as having

a keen eye for detail, patience, honesty and thinking outside of the box. Her love and knowledge of the fine arts is often strongly noted throughout her work. When not designing you can often find her brewing tea, cuddling her guinea pigs, catching up on her let's plays, taking photos of nature, planning her next tattoo or traveling in search of adding to her ever-growing knick-knacks collection.

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