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A series of patterns featuring my relief print "Cafeteras". 

Featuring the colors of flags across the world whose people all share a common interest: coffee. Specifically targeting the shared love of the Moka pot or as I grew up calling it, the Cafetera.

The aim of this project is to use coffee as a bonding experience and show that while all cultures are rich and unique in their own way, we share similar interests and loves, thus uniting our world! 

If you'd like an original print, visit my Direct Shop!

Also available as a sticker!

For licensing information please email or use the contact form provided!

Cafeteras Pattern Red + Yellow.jpg
Cafeteras Pattern Yellow + Blue.jpg
Spain Version 1
Cafeteras Pattern Portugal.jpg
Cafeteras Pattern Spain.jpg
Cafeteras Pattern Brazil.jpg
Cafeteras Pattern Light Blue + Blue.jpg
Cafeteras Pattern Italy.jpg
Cafeteras Pattern Red + Green.jpg
Cafeteras Pattern Cuba.jpg
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