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FaeAlchemy is run by Cassandra Cabrera, a young cosmetologist. When first presented with the name "Fae Alchemy" my mind immediately thought of magic and circles. 

Client also wanted a vast array of color present within the work.

The symbol featured is a more simplified design of a transmutation circle. The transmutation circle is considered a symbol of unity and spirituality, an interconnection of everything. In alchemy, there is the principle of “All is One and One is All,” hence the shape. Hence it's inclusion within the logo.

My steps and thought process are shown here.

All work © Missmachineart and FaeAlchemy.

The traditional transmutation circle.

My now simplified variation.

Keeps main points- still identifiable.

The octagram, a symbol visible within many symbols of alchemy- including the transmutation circle.

The octagram was used as a way to introduce color to the design. My simplified  circle placed within thus reasserting their relationship.

Creating the actual typography involved a mixture of two fonts and letter marking.

The final product.

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