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Your Therapy Pet-

Humane Society of Greater Miami North

This poster series was created as part of Sustainability in Design.

The Humane Society provides countless animals with the hope  and reality of finding their forever homes.  A lesser known fact is that they also provide hope and an outlet for people suffering from mental and physical illness, looking for alternative ways to find peace and a possible cure for their issues. 
Each poster was hand carved and printed in the technique of relief-printing. The animals depicted are based on the registered therapy pets available at the Humane Society and are being formed by the petals of a dandelion. Here the dandelion represents the individuals seeking help and therapy from the numerous cats and dogs available. The dog or cat is visible after taking part in therapy and “releasing” their troubles, turning a negative situation into a positive one.


Posters were featured and published for Design is Change and Miami Beach Urban Studios. Book available for purchase through

The decision to add background texture came at the end. Zoomed in, abstract dandelions seemed the best choice and work to carry the eye throughout the illustration.

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