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It's a Trap!
Featuring a group of Venus fly traps waiting for tempted little flies to get close enough....

This piece/block measures 4x 6 inches and is printed on white, BFK paper, that measures 5x7 inches.

As with all lino cut or relief prints, each one is created by hand, by yours truly and considered an original. This also means that each piece may look different!

I will sign the piece and the title will be in the center as well written in pencil. Don't worry, no watermarks included! ^°^

This particular piece is available in one of two ways- solid black or duo tone.
The duo tone printing process is a bit different and can yield different results than seen in photos above.
Each piece is hand printed!

These are first come, first serve as I can't produce them as often as I'd like!

"It's a Trap!" © Missmachineart/SMGart/Samantha Gonzalez

It's a TRAP!

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$20.00 Regular Price
$15.00Sale Price
  • Image itself is 4"x6" but complete piece measures 5"x7". Printed using two different types of ink and was hand carved on a wood mounted linoleum block.