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As we enter a time of harvest and spirits sing and rejoin us to celebrate, a smaller group of magical beings is awakened. Magic is truly in the air!

These pumpkin witches look forward to enchanting and protecting every person they meet.

🎃 Rose who offers the promise of new beginnings and hope.

🎃Sage brings protection and a listening ear.

🎃Myrtle is ready to purify and soothe a battered soul.

🎃Anise wards off evil spirits and helps enhance your psychic mind!

Finally, their mother, nature witch, Matilda who brings promise of love, understand and hope.

Each pumpkin witch was hand painted and assembled by yours truly. 

Materials used: foam, dried herbs, wood, clay pot, faux moss and felt!

Feel free to pick one up from my shop! 

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Myrtle and her eucalyptus.

Pump 3 Sage.jpg

Sage and her protective sage!


Anise and her staff/ anise stars.

Pump 6 Matilda.jpg

Matilda and her optimistic patch!

Pump 8 Rose.jpg

Rose and her dried roses!

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